Business Recognition Program

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We want to recognize exemplary Reno businesses

The City of Reno has launched a Business Recognition Program to spotlight local businesses that add to creating a community that people are proud to call home and embody the spirit of the City of Reno.

Reno businesses are the heart of The Biggest Little City. They bolster the economy, provide quality jobs, and most importantly, create community and culture. Through the Business Recognition program, we can give due credit to the remarkable contributions these businesses have given our city.

The program will celebrate businesses that:

  • are leading the way and selflessly adding to the richness of our city.
  • through their service and dedication, enhance the quality of life of our residents.
  • bring ideas and solutions to issues facing the City of Reno.
  • have the best interest of our community in mind.


Individuals or businesses who give back to their community through charitable or civic contributions. Contributions that assist in creating a community that residents are proud to call home.


DoughBoys Donuts

Doughboys Donuts owners with Reno City CouncilThe City of Reno recognized DoughBoys Donuts as its fourth Business Recognition Program recipient at the July 31, 2019 Reno City Council meeting.

Exceptional quality, hand cut baking techniques and personal customer service has made DoughBoys Donuts Reno’s friendly, delicious neighborhood donut shop for the past decade.

Their flagship store was founded by Bob and Marge Kenny in Hollywood, California in 1980. Donut Stop became a local favorite and quickly grew to multiple locations in Southern California. In 2009, the family journey continued when Bob’s son, Jay Kenny, moved the family’s recipes with him to Reno… and DoughBoys Donuts was born.

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Ahora Latino Journal

Mario DelaRosa with Reno City Council

The City of Reno recognized Ahora Latino Journal as its third Business Recognition Program recipient at the October 24, 2018 Reno City Council meeting.

“Congratulations to Ahora Latino Journal from all of us at the City of Reno,” Vice Mayor Neoma Jardon said. “I’m particularly proud to see journalism recognized in our region. This publication does important outreach to our growing Latino community.”

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Smiling Hope Pizza

Smiling Hope With Pizza staff with Reno City CouncilThe City of Reno recognized Smiling With Hope Pizza as its second Business Recognition Program recipient at the July 25, 2018 Reno City Council meeting.

“Our mission statement is to create hope and meaning in the lives of people with disabilities,” said Walter Gloshinski, owner of Smiling With Hope Pizza. “We are very proud to accept this award.”

Smiling With Hope Pizza, located at 6135 Lakeside Drive Suite 101, currently employs five people with disabilities. These are people who would otherwise have a hard time finding a job due to the challenges they face. At #46, Smiling With Hope Pizza was also named to Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat list for the United States in 2017 and 2018.

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Dolan Auto Group

Dolan Auto Group with Reno City CouncilWhile Dolan Auto Group is a strong leader in the auto industry, this family-owned company takes pride in calling Reno home and makes philanthropic efforts a priority. Their community support for youth sports leagues, local charities, small business and education has continued to make a positive impact throughout northern Nevada, as well as enhance the lives of both children and adults living in the Reno area.

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiDolan Auto Group continuously gives back to the community they call home. To take it a step further, they also fund and execute the Dolan Class Project each year, which provides funds to local classrooms that plan and execute community outreach projects of their choice. Proceeds given to classrooms allow teachers to improve their school and/or learning tools for students.

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We invite you to nominate a business. Quarterly recognitions will be announced at a regular Reno City Council meeting. While we know there are many businesses giving back to the community every day, one business will be recognized every quarter. 

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The Business Recognition Program program seeks to acknowledge businesses who give back to their community through charitable or civic contributions. 
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