Four painted signal boxes. One featuring a colorful frog, one with a silhouetted woman against a sunset, one with a pattern of birds and leaves in many colors, and one with African women against a blue background that says Celebrate Life.

Art Signals

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Utility box painting program

Art Signals is an annual Arts and Culture program coordinated by the City of Reno's Arts & Culture Commission and their Public Art Committee. The program uses signal boxes throughout the Reno community to serve as canvases for original art pieces painted by local artists, residents, students and community members of all ages.

The City of Reno’s Public Art Committee started painting signal boxes in 2008, mostly in the downtown Reno area. The program has grown to include about 50 painted signal boxes in the downtown area and beyond.

This year, the Public Art Committee, an extension of the Reno Arts and Culture Commission, expanded the Art Signals program to the North and South Valleys after receiving multiple requests from constituents who wanted to see them in their neighborhoods.

Art Signals is meant to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of our community, deter graffiti, add to the vibrancy of our cityscape and create a sense of place and identity. The Public Art Committee and Reno Arts and Culture Commission approves the designs before they are painted.

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiArtists are paid $500 per signal box after completion, which includes payment for the artist’s time and materials. The funding comes from the 2% for Public Art Program required in Reno Municipal Code Title 22.

Three painted signal boxes with original artwork of colorful bull, coyote with desert background, and a blue figure on a purple background.