Public Art Proposals

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Public Art Proposal Policy

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiIf a constituent/artist is interested in doing any public art project on a City building or on City of Reno right-of-way (sidewalk, parks, etc.) they will need to contact the City of Reno Arts & Culture staff to be put on the Public Art Committee (PAC) Agenda for their project proposal.

This policy allows for a proposal for public art to be made to the Public Art Committee (PAC) and the Reno Arts & Culture Commission (RACC) by any organization, club or business, or any individual of the public. Any interested party must follow this process.

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiThis policy provides a framework for the submittal, review, and approval of proposals made by the community, donations, and/or loans. The PAC is responsible for overseeing these processes and will review proposals every 3 months, quarterly (April, July, October, January). After review, the PAC may choose to recommend the proposal to the RACC, decline the proposal, or to table the proposal until more information can be gathered.

The PAC/RACC will consider proposals for artworks to be placed on City property, public right of way, or on private commercial property that is highly visible to the public and allows public access. The PAC/RACC may be able to contribute funds to proposed projects however, funds are limited and not all proposals can be funded. When approving funding, the PAC/RACC prefers that the proposed project have a funding source other than the funding requested from the PAC/RACC.

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiIf the review timeline does not fit into your project timeline, please contact Arts & Culture staff to discuss (Megan Berner,

Funding for ongoing maintenance of artwork is also limited therefore, the PAC/RACC may require that the applicant sign an agreement accepting responsibility for maintenance, or establish a maintenance endowment to ensure adequate care for the artwork.

Process for Consideration

The PAC/RACC requests that individuals or entities (Applicant) interested in submitting a proposal to the PAC/RACC for a public artwork follow these steps:

  • Contact the PAC Staff Liaison (Megan Berner, to discuss if the preliminary proposal idea is within the scope of the Public Art Program’s Goals and the RACC’s mission. Consideration is made for public safety and durability of materials in an urban environment.
  • Submit a completed .

Review Considerations

In reviewing proposals, the PAC/RACC considers the information requested above, as well as aesthetic quality (including craftsmanship), compatibility with the City’s existing public art collection, appropriateness of the artwork and proposed location, and budget.The PAC/RACC shall review all artworks proposed for conformance with the following criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Conceptual compatibility of the design with the immediate environment of the site;
  • Compatibility of the design and location with the architectural or historical character of the site; 
  • Other site-specific/project specific considerations;
  • Appropriateness of the materials, textures, colors, and design to the expression of the design concept;
  • Representation of a broad variety of tastes within the community and the provision of a balanced inventory of art in public places to ensure a variety of style, design, and media throughout the community;
  • Anticipated costs and labor to install, maintain, or repair the artwork; and
  • Whether the proposed artwork will further the goals of the Public Art Program.
There may be additional review processes necessary (i.e. Neighborhood Advisory Board, Public Works, etc.)

*Please note that the RACC has a yearly Arts & Culture Grants program. These grants are awarded to non-profit arts and culture organizations to produce community events and innovative programming within the City of Reno. If your request fits into the Grants program, you will be asked to submit your proposal and apply through the yearly grants cycle. The Public Art Community Proposal Policy is designed to address those individuals and proposals that do not fit into or qualify for funding through the RACC Arts & Culture Grants. 
Panoramic image of plaza with large sculptural letters that spell out BELIEVE against the backdrop of buildings