City Attorney's Office

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Karl Hall

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiThe City Attorney’s Office serves as the legal adviser to the Mayor, City Council, City departments, and the Reno Redevelopment Agency; represents and defends the City in legal matters; handles all suits on behalf of the City of Reno and any of its departments and agencies; prosecutes violations of City ordinances; and provides counsel to elected officials and client agencies.

Karl Hall, Reno City Attorney

For the past 26 years Karl Hall has served the residents of Washoe County as Chief Deputy District Attorney. During his career, Karl has tried and prosecuted to the highest extent of the law complicated and high profiled cases including elder abuse, robbery and burglary, homicide and death penalty cases.  

Karl was elected as Reno City Attorney in November 2014.  He holds a B.S. from the University of San Diego and a J.D. from California Western School of Law.

Jonathan Shipman, Assistant City Attorney

Jonathan ShipmanTrao đổi tuyệt đối has been a civil deputy city attorney with the Reno City Attorney’s Office for over 10 years, practicing primarily in the areas of land use, real estate, redevelopment/economic development, finance and public works law.  As Assistant City Attorney, Jon oversees all aspects of the Civil Division. Jon is admitted to practice in Nevada and California, and has represented the City in litigation before federal and state courts and administrative agencies.  Jon received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law in San Diego.  

About the City Attorney's Office

The Office consists of a Civil Division and a Criminal Division. Each division is supervised by a Chief Deputy City Attorney.

The City Attorney’s Office serves citizens of Reno directly from programs such as domestic violence awareness and cell phone drives for seniors. Explore the links on the side menu to learn more about the role of the City Attorney's Office.

The Reno City Attorney’s Office consists of 17 attorneys, 8 legal secretaries, and three victim advocates. The following chart delineates the office:

Reno City Attorney's Office

  • City Attorney, Karl S. Hall
  • Assistant City Attorney, Jonathan Shipman

Civil Division Deputy City Attorneys

  • Rob Bony
  • William Cooper
  • Mark Dunagan
  • Mark Hughs
  • William McKean
  • Jasmine Mehta
  • Susan Ball Rothe
  • Chandeni Sendall
  • Brian Sooudi
  • Julie Towler

Civil Division Staff

  • Management Assistant, Christine Felch
  • Legal Secretary, Jenny Sparks
  • Legal Secretary, Terri Strickland
  • Senior Legal Secretary, Jill Zarker

Criminal Division Deputy City Attorneys

  • Jill Drake
  • Angela Gianoli
  • Chris Hazlett-Stevens
  • Irma Aboytes Tanner
  • Iris Yowell

Criminal Division Staff

  • Management Assistant, Penelope Colter
  • DUI Specialist, Corinne Friedman
  • Victim Advocate, Susanne Ramos
  • Victim Advocate, Michelle Sarkisian
  • Legal Secretary, Alexa Booth
  • Legal Secretary, Jeannie Robison

Visit the Criminal Division section if you have questions about the following:

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  • Received a Discovery Notice?
  • Received a Subpoena?
  • Requesting Discovery?
  • Filing a Motion?
  • Inquiring About a Case?
  • Questions About Court?
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