The City Clerk functions as the Clerk of the Council and maintains all official records of the City, pursuant to the Reno City Charter, Section 3.040. This includes providing for all public notifications, a comprehensive legislative tracking system for council action and minutes, as well as the indexing of all documents for archiving and retrieval.

The City Clerk  also serves as the Secretary to the Redevelopment Agency and performs similar functions. The City Clerk is appointed by and reports directly to the City Council.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to provide support to the City Council and the Citizens of the City of Reno by accurately recording and maintaining the proceedings of the Council, maintaining and making easily accessible all official records of the city, providing for a city-wide records and information management program, coordinating Council appointments to all city boards and commissions, providing for administrative hearings for appeals of numerous civil infractions, and providing for centralized collection of all city revenues.

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About the City Clerk's Office

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiIn accordance with both the Nevada Revised Statutes and the City of Reno Charter, the City Clerk is responsible for the administration of regular and special municipal elections, codification of ordinances, as well as public records access. Municipal elections are held in conjunction with the statewide general elections, under contract with Washoe County; 1996 was the first year of this combined election process.

Per City Charter, the City Clerk's Office is responsible for the collection and deposit of all City of Reno revenues. The bulk of these monies are retrieved through the mail; however, we have over-the-counter transactions for a wide variety of payments. 

The Records and Information Management Division is responsible for establishing current and future directions for City-wide records management services. This includes developing and managing overall strategies, retention policies, media management, transfer, storage, maintenance, and disposal of public records.

Other Functions of the Clerk's Office

Council Support/Clerk's Official Function
Program Purpose: To provide direct support to the City Council by processing and recording City Council actions, managing all official records of the Council, and coordinating the Council's Board and Commission appointment process.

Hearing Examiner Services
Program Purpose: To provide the public with a forum for adjudicating civil violations, administrative issues, and decisions concerning parking violations, business licensing, water and sewer billing, and code enforcement by contracting with independent hearing officers who hold hearings to determine facts and make findings and recommendations.

Records and Information Management
Program Purpose: To provide records and information management consulting services and to provide a safe and secure storage environment for City records which ensures maximum accessibility for research and reference purposes.

Revenue Collections
Program Purpose: To provide the City with a single centralized revenue collection service in accordance with the City Charter.