Public Works

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The Public Works Department offers many services to the public. Our team designs, operates and maintains every city-owned facility and the utility infrastructure. Citizens come to us for things like traffic issues, Reno's road closures and snow removal schedule. We also work closely with developers, businesses, and other agencies on pollution prevention, environmental control, stormwater management, and Low Impact Development. We evaluate bridge visioning options and take part in flood mitigation and river restoration. We maintain and operate the city's sanitary sewer system and lines.

Important Contact

John Flansberg, P.E., Director

P.O. Box 1900, Reno, NV 89505
Ph. Trao đổi tuyệt đối775-334-2350 Fax 775-334-2490

We are made up of four key divisions, which are detailed below.

Capital ProjectsTrao đổi tuyệt đối - Provides capital project planning, design, construction management and inspection of all City capital projects, excluding sanitary rehabilitation and treatment plant projects and oversees the City's Streets Strategic Plan and Street Rehabilitation Projects.

Wastewater Infrastructure/Plants & Environmental Services - Maintains and operates the City's water reclamation facilities, reuse program, and sewer infrastructure.  Provides flood management, houses Environmental Control program, implementation of the Truckee Meadows storm water program and Truckee River watershed management including Coordinated Truckee River monitoring, Low Impact Development (LID), tributary assessments and river restoration projects.

Maintenance & Operations - Provides convenient and safe public rights-of-way, storm & sanitary sewer systems, facility maintenance services, and efficient City fleet management in support of operating departments, through cost effective planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining of public facilities and physical assets.

Traffic Engineering - Operates the City's system of signalized intersections, school flashers and computerized traffic signal operating system; Provides design and operational analysis services for traffic control improvements, and administers Neighborhood Safety, Traffic Calming Program, Parking Issues, Citizen Traffic Requests, and Road Closure Information.