Special Assessment Districts FAQs

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  • Q:What is a Special Assessment District (SAD)?

  • Q:Why is the estimate for repair of the sidewalk and driveway approach so high?

  • Q:Will a lien be placed on my property?

  • Q:Do I have to participate in the SAD? Is there a public process the SAD has to go through prior to it being formed and adopted?

  • Q:What criteria are used to determine if I have a deficient sidewalk or driveway approach? How was the criteria established?

  • Q:What about damage to the sidewalk from trees?

  • Q:Will I be able to perform the required work myself?

  • Q:Do I have to pay the assessment as soon as the work is completed? Is there a financing plan available if we can't pay the entire amount at one time?

  • Q:Can I pay the assessment prior to the work taking place?

  • Q:Can I pay the assessment off early even if I choose to use the City's financing plan?

  • Q:Will I be charged for work being done to the street?

  • Q:What happens if I own a corner lot? Will I receive a full assessment on both street frontages?

  • Q:How are the streets picked for repair?