Downtown Maintenance

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About The Downtown Maintenance District

The District is comprised of both casino and non-casino businesses that pay a special assessment tax to assist in covering the costs associated with the cleaning and maintenance of the downtown area including the Riverwalk from Virginia to Arlington, the Center and Lake Street Bridges, four improved alleys, and Virginia Street from I-80 to the river.  The downtown maintenance crew is responsible for the decorative sidewalk repair and sealing, painting the curbs, maintaining the sidewalk furniture and planters and other miscellaneous landscaping. Program Services.

Power washing

Program services include:

Sidewalk cleaning, trash receptacle cleaning, alley cleaning, tree wall cleaning and debris removal, plant maintenance & replacement, irrigation & maintenance repair, graffiti removal and  snow removal.  The Staff also maintains the Reno Arch and performs emergency repairs and clean up after special events and as needed.fulton alley

City Council approved and funded a pilot program with High Sierra Industries (HSI) to provide Downtown Maintenance activities.  HSI has been performing light maintenance activities in the Downtown core over the past 5 months. Their tasks include litter removal, pan and broom, planter/tree well cleaning and reporting graffiti. Their working hours are commonly 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Thursday through Tuesday. HSI staff consists of one Supervisor, two Groundskeepers and two Groundskeeper trainees.  The HSI Team members wear bright fluorescent vests with the words Downtown Ambassador on the back.  The Downtown Ambassadors patrol the east/west corridor between West Street and Center Street and the north/south corridor between Sixth Street and the Truckee River. They greet, provide directions and perform light cleaning tasks.HSI workers

Litter and Graffiti Prevention

Litter and graffiti are public nuisances and cost the City and its residents both time and money.  Litter diminishes the beauty of our City and can attract rodents and pests.  Trash thrown or blown from trucks and cars can lead to injuries, as motorists swerve to avoid it.

Graffiti tarnishes the appearance of our neighborhoods.  Gang-related graffiti can threaten violence and alarm our citizens and tourists.

Graffiti Removal- The Public Works Department is responsible for removing graffiti from signs and traffic signal boxes.  Electric Meter boxes are private property and all requests for graffiti on private property should be directed to Reno Direct to be dispatched to our Police Department Graffiti Crew.

How You Can Help

  • Pick up litter and put it in the trash receptacles
  • Make sure your trash and recycling containers have tight-fitting lids and are free of holes
  • Report Graffiti to Reno Direct, provide specific location and description or photo if possible
  • Report broken/damaged street litter and recycling cans and graffiti 

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiThe downtown maintenance crew strives to keep the area clean for the enjoyment and use of the citizens and visitors of the Reno area. 

For questions or concerns within the City of Reno, please contact:
Reno Direct
775-334-INFO phone 775-334-3124 fax
TDD: 775-333-7701