Wastewater Infrastructure/Plants & Environmental Services

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Trao đổi tuyệt đốiThis section provides an umbrella over Environmental Engineering / wastewater treatment plants and conveyance systems, Stormwater Quality, Flood Protection and Management, and the Environmental Control program.

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Wastewater Infrastructure/Plants

The Environmental Engineering section operates the Reno/Stead Water Reclamation Facility (RSWRF) and collaborates with the City of Sparks on operating the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (TMWRF). 

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Kerri Lanza, P.E., Engineering Manager
Environmental Services and Engineering
One E. First Street Reno, NV 89501
P.O. Box 1900, Reno, NV 89505
Ph. 775-334-2350 Fax 775-334-2490

The Reno Environmental Engineering section operates the RSWRF safely and efficiently while meeting regulatory requirements. Staff evaluates facilities on an on-going basis to ensure sufficient capacity now and into the future.  Staff tracks upcoming regulatory requirements in order to be prepared to comply in a fiscally responsible manner.  The effluent produced by RSWRF is currently used for irrigation at the Sierra Sage Golf Course and the North Valleys Sports Complex, as well as augmenting flows to Swan Lake.  At some point in the future, there may be more effluent than can be accommodated by current practices. In planning for the future, a pilot project was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of "Advanced Oxidation" as a process and explore alternate uses for integrated potable reuse. View a presentation regarding the findings of the Advanced Oxidation Pilot Test.

The City of Reno and City of Sparks share ownership of the (TMWRF). The City of Sparks provides direct operation while the City of Reno provides oversight of Capital Improvements for TMWRF. This team also works with other entities in the region to achieve regional water quality objectives.

Environmental Services

Provides flood management, houses the Environmental Control program, implementation of the Truckee Meadows storm water pollution prevention program and Truckee River watershed managementTrao đổi tuyệt đối including the, Low Impact Development (LID), tributary assessments and river restoration projects.

The Flood and DrainageTrao đổi tuyệt đối group work on floodplain management and drainage improvements, flood map changes, and also actively participate in planning and engineering for the Truckee River Flood Project. This group also participates in the Virginia Street Bridge Replacement Project.

Environmental Control provides an industrial pre-treatment program for commercial/industrial sewer users to protect the City's treatment and collection system; provides a storm water discharge permitting program; approves and inspects grease or sand/oil interceptors which may be required for new food service or repair shop businessesTrao đổi tuyệt đối; and administers a variety of programs for response to both accidental and intentional discharges.

The Environmental team coordinates the Truckee Meadows Storm Water Permit Coordinating Committee, or Truckee Meadows Watershed Committee, made up of representatives of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County. These entities are responsible for mitigating urban storm water entering the Truckee River through a Federally mandated NDPES permit from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. The committee's slogan, "Only rain in the storm drain!" encourages the public to carefully consider what they apply to their property, which eventually runs into the Truckee River. The City of Reno passed a Structural Controls Ordinance in 2009, requiring new development to include on-site storm water treatment, either through landscape features which collect runoff, or through more engineered controls. Guidance manuals for storm water treatment planning and design have been published and posted. The Committee also guides developers and industry on the Best Management Practices applicable for stormwater protection and has published a number of manuals for the construction and other industries.

The Environmental team administers the Bureau of Reclamation's Desert Terminal Lakes grant, which provides funding for the Lower Truckee River Restoration Projects, including McCarran Ranch, Lockwood, 102 Ranch, and Mustang. Working closely with , City of Sparks, and other partners, the habitat on the lower Truckee River has benefited greatly. The Below Derby Dam restoration project has been completed as well, with bank stabilization work and riparian plantings.