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Community Engagement Program

Community engagement is the act of you and your neighbors constructively sharing ideas and valuable feedback about our community. Community engagement is a vital part of the democratic process and is essential to evolving our community. Be the change you want to see in the and start engaging across the following platforms listed below. 

Neighborhood Advisory Boards

Active neighborhood citizens drive positive change in our great community. The NAB program allows you to engage with your council member, and provide feedback about upcoming city projects and other community issues. Learn more about how to get involved with your NAB

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Trao đổi tuyệt đốiThe City of Reno has launched a multi-year effort to prepare a new master plan. is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the City to assess our community today, understand choices for the future, and influence the master plan policies to match the vision.


Stay up on the latest news happening around Reno and engage in the conversation. Head over to our to read more. Have a story idea? We'd love to hear it! Email

Social Media

We want to engage with you across our social networks. Please visit, follow and like us!

City of Reno Calendar

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiEasily keep track of upcoming City events so you never forget to attend. 

Watch City Council Meetings

Unable to make that council meeting you were planning to attend? No worries! We stream all City Council meetings online

Report an Issue

Trao đổi tuyệt đốiReno Direct, our non-emergency service center, offers several ways to help you report a crime or incident.

  • Call: 775-334-4636 (INFO)
  • Email Reno Direct
  • Use the chat feature on any of our web pages
  • Get the free City of Reno app: or

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Boards and Commissions

Join a board or commission as a citizen adviser and provide valuable input and recommendations to City leaders. There are a number of boards and commissions to choose from. View our Boards and Commissions page for a complete list.